Simon Cowell & Fox’s The X Factor by Zoic Studios

Simon Cowell & Fox’s The X Factor by Zoic Studios
Fox’s new show The X Factor had a dramatic introduction during the Super Bowl as thousands of Xs came together to form the show’s host Simon Cowell. The reverse explosion of Cowell was produced by Fox, Three (One) O, Park Village Productions in collaboration with effects powerhouse Zoic Studios. Check it out!


Brainstorm Digital’s 2011 Demo Reel

BRAINSTORM- a visual effects studio based in Brooklyn, NewYork shows the amazing 2011 Demo Reel. Check it here!

Electronic 80s 2 Breakdown

Paul Clements (a freelance motion designer and director based in London)share a break down video for Electronic 80s 2

Behind-the-Scenes Afternoon With the Art & Design Team of TRON: Legacy

A special afternoon with the art and design team behind TRON: Legacy. The Gnomon School of Visual Effects FREE event on Saturday, February 26th

Iron Baby - Making of Videos
Jocelyn Strob Simard became more popular in the CG world with his shortfilm: Iron Baby. And Now he has just shared 8 Making of Videos . Let’s check it out!

John Stewart – Compositor (2011 Show Reel)

This is the 2011 Show Reel for John Stewart.
Projects featured in this reel:
Alice in Wonderland; Terminator: Salvation; The Curious Case of Benjamin Button; National Treasure: Book of Secrets; Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End; Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest


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