Intro to Variables + Expressions in Houdini – Santa Monica
Saturday, February 21, 2009 — 10:00am – 1:00pm
3 hours for $75

Understanding how to correctly use some particular expressions and attributes in Houdini
will give you the edge to unleash your full potential to create mind-blowing effects.
We will cover some simple yet very important tools including Global, Standard and Custom
Variables to Math and String Modification functions. This class will help you become very
comfortable with using data to creatively direct any visual effect.

The instructor for this course is Stephen Tucker, a Product Specialist. We are pleased
to have Stephen visiting from Toronto’s Side Effects Software office. Stephen plays a large
role in the creation of Houdini demo animations, tutorials and the shaping of Houdini’s tools.
A graduate from Sheridan College with a background in traditional hand-drawn and digital
animation, Stephen currently lives, eats, and breathes Houdini.

Stephen will be going over 10+ examples that can help to streamline your workflow.

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