New features include:

  • Linear Workflow;
  • Mesh-based lights;
  • V-Ray light material as direct light;
  • V-Ray Fog environmental effect;
  • Vector Displacement;
  • Import Proxy as mesh;
  • Support for Max Arch & Design materials;
  • Region Rendering directly in VFB.

Improved features include:

  • Irradiance map – further reduction in flicker in animations;
  • Camera Overrides now work with Physical Cam;
  • Render Elements – MultiMatte, VRayExtraTex and VRayZDepth work with transperancy;
  • DR Improvements – support for the incremental modes of the irradiance map;
  • New SSS material for better and faster rendering –  V-Ray Fast SSS2.

You can access the download section here.